Photo By Cheyanne Kidd

Photo By Cheyanne Kidd

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I have worked with so many different Vendors! Since most couples book the venue, then photographer, I am here to help you out! Below I have DJ's, Florals, Hair and Makeup, Cakes, and even Prop Rentals! totally up to you if you need a little break with your budget, or willing to splurge!

Remember! People will remember your photos forever! Not your table linens and centerpieces ;)




Shameless plug in!! I highly recommend my wonderful boyfriend, Sam McFarlane as your Officiant! He has done 4 weddings last year and has another two booked for this year! Whether you want to keep your ceremony traditional or modern, funny or serious, Sam has your back. Not only can he put up with microphones failing, he is fully stocked with tissues! 

Wedding Planner

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13 Cedar Events

Abby is my #1 GIRL for event planning! She will make whatever you need happen yet tell you like it is. There is nothing this girl can’t accomplish!

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Sarah Duckworth Events

Sarah has the cutest Instagram stories! She is currently in Belmont and a mom of two. I first met her at The Knot party and I totally thought I knew her but only saw her on Instagram. But hey! Totally was a conversation starter!

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Erin Padgett Events

Not only do they have 16 years of experience, but they also but their team of 4 boss ladies won’t let you down! And how cute are their cartoon drawings?!


Hair & Makeup


Jami Svay 

THIS GIRL IS HILARIOUS! She cracks me up all the time on set at Belk Studio and at Lowe's Home Improvement! She is not afraid of making you laugh or telling you about raising her two boys. She has been featured on MANY different fashion and commercial sets,websites, magazines, and TV shows! A splurge for you wedding day, but there is no one better! 

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 Stewart Hough

Stewart is a master of unique Hair and Makeup! He loves everything from super clean, no makeup, look, to the most crazy voluminous hair! You cannot beat Stew Bear and his army of makeup brushes!




Artistry by Aly

Nope this isn’t me! Even though me and her spell our names exactly the same! Me and Aly have worked with each other twice now and GUYS she is so fast and efficient! She does airbrush makeup and your hair. What more could you ask for?!



Greenway Design

Narcisse is one of my favorite floral friends! If you are looking for that bouquet that is wild, yet perfect for your wedding, look no further! 

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Flower Diva

Carrie & Evie brought their flower power GAME! I showed them a few flower arrangements I loved, and I even asked to bring Thistles! They brought everything I asked AND MORE!

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Nectar Florals

One of my dream vendors to work with in Charlotte!! Beyond beautiful arrangements and compliments my dark and moody vibes!

*Not my photo above!


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Craft Cakes Clt

Want a cake that is totally out there and SO different than the other weddings you been to? Want a marble cake? Naked? This Farm-to-table team has your back! Another dream vendor!

*Not my photo above

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Celestial Cakery

Celestial Cakery if you want something more simple!

*Not my photo above

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Sugar on Top Cakes & Sweets

Taste SO GOOD! We got this cake made for our styled shoot and got to take home leftovers! I mean you cannot help but love the figs on top!


**I am also recommending Doughnuts!! Honestly, ANY DOUGHNUTS! I prefer Duck Doughnuts or Hendough in Hendersonville! But any will do! Doughnuts as your dessert are so in! Just saying...


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Evergreen Era Films

Funny story, our boyfriends have mutual friends and have the same friend group from App state!! Everytime I see this girls work, I just want to cry! 

*Not my photo above

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Drea Dawn

AMAZING WORK! She shoots in the same style I do and does photography on the side, but mainly does video now. Cannot recommend this girl enough!!

*Not my photo above


ThreeThirty Films

How cute is this girl?! She is good friends with all the photographers I know! I have yet to work with her, but I only hear good things!

*Not my photo above


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Split Second Sound

Amazing company! One of the most popular in the Charlotte area! You can even get a hype man to get all your guest to dance themselves to death! Their reviews speak for themselves!

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The Ultimate Sound DJ Company

Mason has worked two wedding that I have personally been to! Guys, I have seen some bad Djs! But for someone just starting his Dj career, he is AWESOME!! 


Prop Rentals

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AMAZING INVENTORY! Phyllis and Amy were the absolute best when helping me with my first styled shoot! They referred so many different places for me during my time of struggle. Everything Amy delivered the day, fit all in her car! Perfect!


Old South Vintage Rentals

The next best renting house! Old south vintage rentals are AMAZING! And super extensive! They even have arches, rugs, lighting, and pillows!

*Not my photo above


Cooke Rentals

I have worked with these guys twice and they ROCK!! I know their website is a little 90s. But their inventory is poppin’!