Rock Your Session!

Everyone thinks the need to be a professional model to have amazing photos! I promise you don’t. It’s my mission to get you comfortable and looking great. Most of my couples say they were SO nervous when they first start! By the end, they love their photos!

  1. Before Your Session


These sessions are meant to tell a story! You still want to feel like yourself, but turned up a notch! Put your personal style into what you wear. Feel comfortable in what you wear! Don’t be too matchy! Unless you really want to. 

Steam your clothes ahead of time! Even leaving them in the bathroom with a hot shower works wonders.


2. Look & Feel

Hair & Makeup

Looking good and feeling good come from your hair and makeup too! Ladies, this is the perfect time to test that Hair & Makeup Artist you booked for your wedding! They do it all the time. This should also reflect your outfit and personality. Make sure you are comfortable in your own skin!, and make sure you look like you!


3. Location Selection

You want to explore rooftops in Charlotte? LET DO IT! You want to go hike in Asheville? YES!! Are you more of a beach person? HELL YEAH!! I am up for any adventure you have in mind. Think about what scene makes sense for YOUR relationship! I am even down for an in home session! My sessions come with up to 2 hours of travel, 2 locations, and 2 outfit changes. I block off 90 minutes during my day, but some couples only need an hour!


4. Time Management


  • Pack your bag the night before if you are bringing outfit/shoe changes, props, etc.

  • Booking a hair/makeup artist? Their estimated time frame is NEVER, EVER correct. Schedule your appointment minimum 3 hours prior to your shoot. Trust me.

  • Consult with WAZE (or your map app of choice) at least an hour prior to your session to see what time you need to realistically hit the road


5. During Your Session!

“What do we do with our hands?!”

Number one question I get when we start shooting. Relax! There's nothing to be nervous about. It takes about 20 minutes for you guys to get comfortable. You gotta cute outfit? Favorite lipstick? Great! Put your game face on and let’s do this. Your energy can be read through photos. You don't really want to be there? It will show. Don’t want to come out of your shell? Yep that shows too. You don’t have to be a super big extrovert! I will make sure you are comfortable with any direction you need. Remember to show up ready to have fun and your photos will turn out amazing.

REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! Make a date out of it!! Get dinner or have another drink afterwards! Come to your session ready with an adventurous spirit and a refreshed heart. I recommend taking some time on the day of to do something that is stress free and trying your best not to rush!